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Co-financing from the state budget

Co-financing from the state budget

In 2021, as part of the competition for the development of innovative therapeutic solutions using RNA technology, the consortium of Warszawskie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polfa SA and the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań received funding from the state budget (from the Medical Research Agency) in the amount of PLN 93,852,588.56. The total cost of the project is PLN 130,191,808.51.

Funding was received for a commercial clinical trial project – the development of innovative therapeutic solutions using RNA technology, titled “Development of a universal fast-response platform, based on RNA technology, ensuring the national drug and epidemiological safety”.

Warszawskie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polfa SA as the Consortium Leader received funding in the amount not exceeding PLN 56,905,801.48.

The aim of the project carried out over a period of 7 years is to develop a universal bioinformatics, chemical and biotechnological platform, unique on the Polish market. This platform is dedicated to obtaining drugs and vaccines through the use of innovative technologies and solutions based on the use of nucleic acids, in particular RNA. This will increase drug and epidemiological safety of the country while allowing for equal participation of Polish scientists and entrepreneurs in global efforts on the development of innovative therapies based on nucleic acids. We believe that in this way we will contribute to an increase in the competitiveness of the Polish economy.

The project consists of eight tasks that include basic research, industrial research and development works, covering all stages of innovative drug development:

  1. Designing therapeutic RNAs and developing bioinformatics tools and databases.
  2. Chemical and biotechnological synthesis of short and long RNAs.
  3. Designing and testing delivery strategies for short and long RNAs.
  4. Evaluation of the biological activity of therapeutic RNAs in in vitro systems.
  5. Pre-clinical evaluation of the efficacy of RNA therapeutics in animal models.
  6. Research on formulation development of a medicinal product.
  7. Technology transfer with scale-up.
  8. Phase 1/2 PK/PD clinical trial evaluating the efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetics of the developed drug.
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