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Recruitment process

Read some tips that will help you succeed in the recruitment process.

  • Analysis of the advertisement and the requirements
  • Documents required
  • Prepare for the interview

Publication of offers

Each recruitment is initiated by the HR Department by publishing ads on selected recruitment websites, social networking sites and other sources, such as local newspapers, career offices.

Selection of applications

The next step is the selection of applications – each application in entered into an electronic system and is verified by a HR Department employee responsible for the recruitment, and by the line manager.

Contact with candidates

The next step is contacting the selected candidates. At this stage, telephone interviews are conducted and knowledge of foreign languages is tested.

Recruitment meetings

The selected candidates are invited to an interview. They are conducted by a representative of the HR Department accompanied by a line manager. At this stage, the candidates become familiar with our organization and the requirements for the position. Each candidate participates in a structured interview exploring his or her experience, expertise and motivation.

Tests, questionnaires, case studies

Selected candidates are invited to fill in questionnaires and personality tests that measure their ability to analyse figure and word data. Selected candidates may be required to resolve a case study.

Making a decision

The final step is a meeting with a senior manager, during which decisions are made concerning the employment of selected candidates.